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ENGLISHLatest Calculations on Romania's Admission to Schengen at the End of 2023!

Latest Calculations on Romania’s Admission to Schengen at the End of 2023!

Victor Negrescu, one of the most active Romanian representatives in the European Parliament, says that the end of the year could bring Romania a much coveted favorable decision regarding the anticipated admission to the Schengen Area.

The Vice-President of the Education Committee of the European Parliament believes that we might look at three possible scenarios, despite the fact that initially the Justice and Home Affairs Council seemed to no longer take into account Romania’s admission.

“The first option, which I’ve personally put forward and supported in my discussions in Vienna and with European officials, entails a tacit approval of Romania’s entry into the Schengen Area by a vote at the EU ambassadors’ meeting and its validation in any EU Council that would take place by the end of the year. This form would avoid the topic being heatedly debated and the Austrian right-wing government having the opportunity to politicize the subject again”, Victor Negrescu wrote on his Facebook page.

In the opinion of the same MEP, the second variant would be one “much too risky”. “Variant 2, far too risky because it brings about the politicization of the subject, involves a discussion and a vote either in the Foreign Affairs Council on 11 December or in the European Council. The risk is that the Austrian executive will feel the need to insistently defend its point of view by turning the topic into an electoral stake in relation to its European ambitions”.

Discussions in various chancelleries on Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area are far from over /Photo source: Facebook

Finally, the last working hypothesis is perhaps the most difficult to imagine: “Variant 3, evaluated by the European institutions, requires an extraordinary EU Council that has this topic on the agenda. It is possible if the Austrian executive insists on additional claims, such as continuing additional border controls, border security guarantees or a specific accession mechanism for Bulgaria and Romania”.

But the logic pursued by Victor Negrescu is optimistic.

“All these options depend on the political developments in the Netherlands, the decision of the new Parliament that is set up next week and the outcome of negotiations for a government agreement. In the context of the deadlock in the formation of a new government majority in the Netherlands, and also of the predominantly positive report on the rule of law in Bulgaria drawn up by Dutch experts, we can expect the incumbent prime minister, Mark Rutte, a candidate for NATO leadership, where he needs the support of our countries, to assist in the lifting of the veto applied to Bulgaria. Given this general context, and the discussions we recently had in Austria and with the representatives of the European institutions at the highest level, Romania’s chances to join the Schengen Area, especially in the formula for the gradual accession, have increased significantly. I invite all those who seek to politicize the subject to act with caution and diplomacy, and to help in a disinterested manner so that this central objective of Romania is fulfilled”, the Romanian MEP also stated in his message.

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