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ENGLISHMircea Geoană - Baby Steps Towards a New Candidacy for Presidency

Mircea Geoană – Baby Steps Towards a New Candidacy for Presidency

Mircea Geoană, a well-known Romanian politician, seems increasingly keen on planning his steps towards a new candidacy for the supreme position in the state.

The current Deputy Secretary General of NATO (a position he has been holding for more than four years) has made a series of visits to Romania in recent months, but he has not yet officially announced a possible new candidacy for the Romanian presidency.

We recall that Mircea Geoană ran for the supreme state position on behalf of the SDP in 2009, but was defeated by Traian Băsescu.

Mircea Geoană attends a series of significant meetings in contemporary world history by the nature of his current job

“Romania is running out of time. In order to rebuild our future, as we deserve, we need lucidity, knowledge, competence and a solid vision. Today, I invite you to keep close, because soon we’ll be discussing a healthy and ambitious plan for Romania and for each of us!” Mircea Geoană states in a last-minute message published on his personal Facebook page.

In the same message he seems to encourage Romanians not to lose hope: “We live in Romania and every day we hit the wall labelled <no where’s like it’s here; nothing can change anyway; others can, we cannot>. And as we’ve kept hitting this wall for more than 30 years, who can blame us for losing our hope and determination to fight for Romania. But no matter how tough a blow they faced, Romanians have always had the power to get up and move forward. Maybe not always just for Romania, but certainly for themselves and their loved ones. Because Romanians are fighters.”

The same possible candidate, currently President of the Romanian Social Party, which he founded in 2015, does not hesitate to state that our future has hit crunch time.

Mircea Geoană visited several corners of the country in recent months /Photo source: Faceboo

For the future of Romania has just hit crunch time. And to build it as we deserve, we need lucidity, knowledge, competence, and a solid vision. Dear Romanians, I invite you to keep close because soon we’ll be discussing a healthy and ambitious plan for Romania and for each of us”, Mircea Geoană states in his personal message on social networks.

It is worth noting that in most of the surveys regarding the name of the future President of Romania, published this year, Mircea Geoană has been consistently placed first.

Vasile Trofim
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