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ENGLISHWhat If the President Nominates a Prime Minister of the United Right?!

What If the President Nominates a Prime Minister of the United Right?!

1. In an interview with Antena 3 Marcel Ciolacu revealed his reaction in the event that NLP leaves the government coalition.

    “Definitely, if anyone is to leave this coalition, I will take my mandate to Cotroceni without any hesitation.”

    Reporter: So, suppose NLP left the coalition, is this when you resign?

    Marcel Ciolacu: Absolutely. (…)

    Reporter: (…) But on the other hand, my understanding is this: if someone wants to get out of this coalition, you warn them not to make plans that the SDP will govern by itself, shouldering all the problems and possible erosion; you will submit your resignation. This is news.

    Marcel Ciolacu: I am not afraid of problems, as I’m not being afraid of five months and I think I’ve proved this. But it is a political agreement. When one of the partners leaves the government, it is normal for the PM to submit the mandate to the President. We go back to the Romanians – the Romanians are always right, to cut the long story short. We are neither the first, nor the last to call early elections. But is this the time to create breaking news with fake news, to look for reasons to cover a personal mistake? Does it matter in the equation that you discuss every night with the crisis and war in the Middle East, war in Ukraine, recession in the entire European economy? When we’re having such a moment, we are talking about shenanigans?”

    The increasingly diligent cat fight between SDP and NLP has given rise to possible scenarios of breaking the coalition government. Frequently met was that of the NLP joining the opposition, without trying to overthrow the SDP minority government. According to the Constitution, if the PM does not resign, the government gets ministers from the SDP ranks, and goes to the Parliament for a vote of confidence.

    Assuming that the PNL does not want early elections, Nicolae Ciucă ‘s party votes for the new Government and, until the parliamentary elections of 2024, promises not to call for a no confidence vote. In such a situation, Romania could be lead by a minority SDP government.

    With the declaration on the 15th of November 2023, Marcel Ciolacu messed up the scenario of remaining PM after the NLP’s departure. He says that although the Constitution allows him, he will not remain PM. He will submit his resignation. In these circumstances, we can talk about a collapsed government. Which means consultations at Cotroceni. The president can appoint a new prime minister, even Marcel Ciolacu, for example, or move on to the scenario of early elections. In the interview, Marcel Ciolacu does not consider for a moment the possibility of a new PM. He believes the President will call early elections. A warning early elections are the dread of Romania’s protective powers. A political crisis in our country is all they’ve been missing in the conditions of the war in Ukraine! Marcel Ciolacu implies that the Protective Powers will do everything so as not to reach the early elections. Therefore, they will put tremendous pressure so that the NLP does not leave the coalition. Marcel Ciolacu’s statement was presented by the press from the perspective of his mandate only. Taken as a whole, as we have done, the declaration stands as a warning to the Liberals:

    “Do not try to dash out the coalition! The Protective Powers will gang upon you, frightened by the prospect of the early elections.”

    Will the threat have any effect?

    Yes, if the NLP simply wants to join the opposition.

    But what if the NLP wants to form a Government together with the SRU, the Right Force and the DUHR, under what Rares Bogdan calls the United Right?

    Under these conditions, the submission of the mandate will not lead to early elections, but to the SDP joining the opposition.

    Because the Prime Minister nominated by Klaus Iohannis will be able to form a Government of the United Right.

    Does Marcel Ciolacu want this?

    2. Except for Fentanyl, the Xi-Biden meeting in San Francisco did not solve any of the problems between the US and China.

    Fentanyl is an opioid considered a national threat in the US. Used as a drug by more and more Americans, it might turn America into a country of zombies. Fentanyl is produced in and exported by China. At the meeting Biden obtained from Xi the promise of a reduction in export in exchange for allowing Chinese Police operations on the US territory.

    No other file on the relationship between the US and China has been resolved. The resumption of interrupted military communications after the Taiwan crisis could have been done without a meeting between the two presidents.

    Why did they meet?

    Joe Biden to nettle Putin. Something like “I’m not talking to you; I’m talking to your Master”.

    Xi, to show the South and the whole World that the People’s Republic of China is fighting for peace and understanding between peoples.

    A shallow meeting in a World in need of deep, sincere interactions.

    3. Monday, November 13, 2023, after a week of quarrel between the SPD and the NLP, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă announced that their parties had agreed to pass the Pensions Bill through the Parliament, calling for a closure.

    A week earlier, the NLP refused to give an opinion on the bill, pointing to the lack of funds. A 40% increase in pensions in 2024 is madness, given the chronic budget deficit – the Liberals were shouting in capitalist unison.

    The acceptance to vote the bill in a rush (after it was passed through the Senate) suggested that the Liberals had been presented with the sources of funding.

    Is there money for such growth? they wondered a week ago.

    And they replied:

    There’s not.

    Is there money to increase pensions by 40%? the Liberals are now being asked, after telling us that Marcel Ciolacu has proved that there is.

    – Yes, there is – say the Liberals.

    – Where is it?

    – We do not know, they answer, ask Marcel Ciolacu.

    Obviously, there is no money for such growth, impossible even in the case of countries with a budget surplus.

    Why did the Liberals concede that there is money?

    For fear that the coalition is breaking?


    For fear that they will let SPD benefit from the electoral capital raised by the promise of increasing the pensions.


    How proud you must be!

    It’s you the parties are fighting for.

    As if we had only one party:

    The Pensioners Party.

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