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ENGLISHCreating a lasting impact: leveraging the WOW effect in organizational culture

Creating a lasting impact: leveraging the WOW effect in organizational culture

In today’s business world, the culture of an organization plays a critical role in shaping its success and identity. This culture, a complex blend of values, beliefs, and behaviors, permeates throughout the company, influencing both the internal environment and external perception. The „WOW effect” stands out within this context, aiming to create exceptionally positive and memorable experiences for employees and clients.

The Essence of Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is akin to a tangible heartbeat within a corporation, manifesting through shared ethos, guiding principles, and collective behaviors. This culture transcends mere rules or policies; it is an evolving entity that grows alongside the organization itself. Various models categorize cultures from clan and adhocracy to market-oriented and hierarchical approaches.

Richie M.’s Model of Organizational Culture Internalization, proposed in 2000, examines the cognitive processes that shape an organization’s influence in creating and maintaining a distinct culture. This model complements the definition of Organizational Culture Internalization by Caldwell, Chatman, and O’Reilly in 1990, which emphasizes the alignment between individual and organizational values and beliefs.

Further enriching this perspective, Geert Hofstede’s model from 1980 identifies five key dimensions of culture that significantly impact organizational behavior: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism vs. Collectivism, Masculinity vs. Femininity, and Long-Term vs. Short-Term Orientation. These dimensions provide a comprehensive framework for understanding how national and regional cultures influence organizational practices and values.

Exploring the WOW Effect:

The WOW effect in organizational culture, a relatively new but rapidly embraced concept, revolves around exceeding expectations to create awe and delight. This involves fostering a culture that values exceptional customer service, employee engagement, innovation, and creative problem-solving. The WOW effect is about surpassing expectations, creating a lasting positive impression that elevates a company from an option to a preference.

Implications and Challenges:

Implementing the WOW effect leads to higher employee retention, improved performance, increased customer loyalty, and enhanced brand image. However, achieving this requires an understanding of group dynamics, individual traits, and the impact of technological changes on group processes.

Leadership plays a crucial role in this context. Cohesion within a group can be maintained or disrupted based on the approach of formal and informal leaders. The alignment of leadership style with the organization’s cultural values is essential for maintaining group cohesion and effectively implementing the WOW effect.


The WOW effect in organizational culture represents a transformative approach that transcends the ordinary, involving the creation of an identity that resonates with employees and customers. While challenging, the journey toward cultivating this effect is rewarding, resulting in significant gains in employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and overall organizational success. This effect symbolizes excellence, innovation, and lasting impact in the evolving business landscape.

Andrei Stoian
Andrei Stoianhttp://canal33.ro
De peste 15 ani în antreprenoriat, mass-media, resurse umane și relații publice, Andrei a făcut parte din echipa Canal 33 din prima zi de functionare a postului TV. A fost redactor-șef al mai multor publicații în domeniul dreptului afacerilor, imobiliare și construcții, a condus numeroase ONG-uri, a fost unul dintre fondatorii Grupului de Inițiativă pentru Promovarea Imaginii României, a fondat, împreună cu alți colaboratori, Clubul Rotary Excelsior București si este coautor al volumelor „România noului val“, „100 de fețe ale Inovației“, „Energia. Concepte și instrumente operaționale” (Editura Club România, 2019), „Caiet Documentar „Calitatea Vieții” (Editura Club România, 2020), Caiet Documentar „România sustenabilă. Concepte și instrumente-suport pentru o transformare circulară a economiei românești” (Editura Club România, 2021).
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